Japanese Hair Relaxer

Coral Gables, Miami Japanese Hair Relaxer

Japanese Hair Straightening in Coral Gales

Liscio, also known as Japanese Hair Straightening, Japanese Hair Relaxer or Thermal Reconditioning, is a top of the line Permanent Straightening System that will leave your hair straight wash and go with no frizz and incredible shine. You will not need the use of hot tools unless you want to wave the hair or give it some type of movement. The process saves you time and lets the hair rest from excessive heat. This treatment is 100% formaldehyde free. 

Coral Gables Miami, Fl Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Relaxer

It is a chemical that contains ammonium thioglycolate (thio), which helps to soften the bonds of the hair. This service will keep the hair smooth, straight and with bounce results that will leave the hair in the best condition. Throughout our consultation we will consider if the right fit for you will be a frizz free look or pin straight results so that I can determine the technique that will be implemented in the process. Liscio has been around for over 30 years and was created by Milbon, a renowned Japanese Company. Find out how to look your very best every day with minimal effort. Try it...it is magical.

Woman starting at $400.00
Man starting at $100.00


Before and after Japanese Straightening 








Before and after Japanese Relaxer in Coral Gables 




Before and after Japanese Straightening in Coral Gables



Japanese Hair Straightening and Haircut in Miami





Japanese Hair Straightening Before and After in Coral Gables




Japanese Hair Straightening Before and After in Coral Gables




Japanese Hair Straightening in Miami














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